Dr. Hans Ekkehard Plesser

Associate Professor in Informatics
Head of Studies and Head of the Basic Science Section
Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Mail PO Box 5003, N-1432 Ås
Office TF kvartalet, Drøbakveien 31, Room 136
Phone +47-6496 5467
Fax +47-6496 5401
Email hans.ekkehard.plesser@nmbu.no
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02.01.2014 As of today, we are the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU, as a result of the merger of former UMB with NVH (Veterinary College of Norway).
29.11.2013 The board of the Norwegian Research School for Neuroscience (NRSN) had its first meeting. Over the next eight years, NRSN will integrate and strengthen PhD training in the neurosciences in Norway. I have been elected as chairman of the board.
14.08.2013 It took a while, but finally Learning from the past: Approaches for reproducibility in computational neuroscience, which I co-authored with Sharon Crook and Andrew Davison, has appeared as a chapter of Jim Bower's 20 Years in Computational Neuroscience (Springer Science+Business Media, New York, 2013).
05.08.2013 I wrote an article on NEST: the Neural Simulation Tool (with Markus Diesmann, Marc-Oliver Gewaltig and Abigail Morrison) for the forthcoming Springer Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience.
02.08.2013 The largest-ever NEST simulation ran on the full K computer in Kobe, Japan, simulating 1.73 billion neurons connected by 10.4 trillion synapses using all 663.552 cores of the K supercomputer. For details, see the press release. I am participating in the project as guest researcher at INM-6 at the Research Center Jüich.
14.07.2013 CNS 2013 in Paris: I was a co-author of three posters.
27.05.2013 NEST 2.2.2 is released providing several new models and fixing some old bugs.
20.06.2013 New paper by Thomas Heiberg, Birgit Kriener, Tom Tetzlaff, Alex Casti, Gaute T Einevoll and Hans E Plesser: Firing-rate models capture essential response dynamics of LGN relay cells. J Comput Neurosci (2013, online ahead of print) eprint.
12.06.2013 Daniel Hjertholm successfully presented his Master Thesis on Statistical tests for connection algorithms for neural networks. The results will be added to the NEST testsuite in the coming months.
05.02.2013 NEST 2.2.1 is released together with PyNN 0.7.5, fixing some bugs and providing PyNN support for NEST 2.2.
28.01.2013 The European Union funds the Human Brain Project as an ICT Flagship program. Our Computational Neuroscience Group is one of more than 80 partners and one of two Norwegian partners.